Monday, May 13, 2013


Change is the only constant. If we’re awake to it, life is a constant process of transformation and change. The changes may be intentional or not - more often not - but through dynamic awareness and loving-presence we have the power to accelerate the transformations we choose and to slow or inhibit undesirable changes.

One of the barriers to intentional transformation is indecision. Lack of a clear vision, a burning desire, and a definite plan, leaves one vulnerable to the whims of circumstance. “Crystalize your thinking,” create a clear and precise image of what you want to bring into (or remove from) your manifested reality - be specific as to quantity, quality, and time (the dharmakshetra returns indeterminate results for vagueness). Nurture a “burning desire” for the changes you imagine (luke-warm motivation yields indeterminate results). Develop a workable plan to attain the changes you desire - be specific (“Plan your work and work your plan”).

In this continuous process the transformation and change is usually gradual and undirected, but sometimes the changes are huge (or seem so). I’m currently attempting to navigate what seems to be a huge transformation - either moving into another stage of my spiritual development or spinning off into a God 
Realm fixation. I’m still in the process of “crystalizing my thinking.”

This morning I was meditating on this by the river. While I mediated the tide went out. “Coincidentally,” at my feet the receding river had revealed a sign-board with this colorful artfully scripted epigraph:

* Although I’m honest in my trilogy
yall niggaz aint really feelin me!
Isit B’cuz your equilibrium’s
unbalanced, childish & undoubtedly
one of the foulest?

How can you have a palace when you’re a
King/Queen without a crown, or a throne, or a
regime w/o clean sense of discipline?

* Listening 2 yesmen and end up inna perdicament.
Wrapped by the Rapture & Captured ... Get Beheadded

* Where are we heading?... Spiritually, morally, meta
physically, mentally? Probably 2 The Terrordome, also
known as “The Slaughterhouse”!

* Just a Bunch of Sheep w/no dain shepard or any
guidance. Open up your eyelids .. GOD is our provider!!
----> Written By: TiaPreyinMantis 2013

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